Bono Energy Exploration and Production

Bono Energy Exploration and Production Limited (“BEEP”) is a member of the Bono Group. The company is positioned for the acquisition of Upstream oil and gas assets. Bono Energy Exploration and Production will acquire promising marginal fields in Nigeria and also own interests in other producing oil and gas assets. The strategy is to consistently grow a profitable oil and gas exploration and production company through the efficient use of technology and the engagement of a skilled work-force while focusing on health, safety, and the environment. Our goal is to create value for all stakeholders by:
  1. Purchasing and maximizing the value of producing assets
  2. Progressing discoveries toward project sanction and into proven reserves, production, and cash flow through efficient appraisal and development
  3. Adding new resources through a consistently active exploration program
We are also mindful of the inevitable transition to renewable energy. To be rightly positioned for this transition, we assembled a team with vast experience in the renewable energy sector and we intend to capitalize on the jurisdictions where we source hydrocarbon. We have observed that most hydrocarbon-rich countries do not have a sustainable renewable energy strategy in place, and we intend to develop a strategy that focuses on a ‘black energy-out/ green energy-in approach’. This will ensure that these countries have an environmentally friendly power generated future.