Health, Safety & Environment Policy (HSE)

Bono Group is committed to delivering all its operations in a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly manner to people and the environment. We demonstrate our commitment by our adherence to our HSE policy, operating standards and procedures, and practices that recognize the highest industry standards on Health, Safety, and the Environment.

The company operates a functional Safety Management System comprising of an Occupational Health Management System and an Environmental Safety Management System, all geared towards ensuring an efficient and safe interaction between people, activities, and the environment where they occur. These help to ensure the reduction and possible elimination of impacts to our environment.

The company’s overall desire is to achieve zero accident statistics, and to this end, we employ numerous Engineering and Administrative tools.

At Bono, safety is truly everyone’s business, as it is our standard that every individual, including contractors engaged in our operations, has the required training in HSE. Well trained personnel with the vast experience needed in the oil and gas industry champion our HSE activities.