Who We Are

Bono Energy Group ‘Bono Group’ is a leading energy trading and services company. Our flagship company, Bono Energy Limited, was established in Nigeria in 2004, and we have, over the years, grown to become a market leader and created an enviable reputation of delivering with excellence.

We provide a broad array of energy solutions including, trading, risk management, distribution, and logistic support.

We trade several petroleum products and Crude Oil grades including, Middle Dilates and Natural Gas Liquids. We are pre-qualified to bid for spot cargoes of LNG, LPG, and Condensate with the Nigerian LNG Limited.

As a trusted market leader in oil and gas trading, we have earned an enviable reputation for delivering our services with excellence. Our trademark is breaking new grounds, and our resolve is to achieve new milestones daily. As an organization, we have imbibed international best practices into our operations.
Starting off as an oil and gas commodity trading company, Bono Group’s strategy is to be a vertically integrated energy company. We will achieve this by owning assets and providing services in both the midstream and upstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. Bono Energy’s trading counterparts consist of notable international and local trading houses, producers, refiners, brokers, bankers, and petchem end-users.
In furtherance of our vision of vertical integration, we acquired a petroleum storage terminal, via our subsidiary, Bono Energy Storage Terminal Limited (BEST), in Ibafon Apapa Lagos.

Our Lagos office is the headquarters and the hub of Bono Group’s global allied activities. From our base in the commercial centre of Nigeria, we have established a strong foothold in international trading activities. Bono Group is strategically positioned to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, Africa, and the world.


Bono Energy is one of the leading oil and gas trading companies in the West African region.

We trade numerous grades of crude oil and various petroleum products, which include: Middle Distillate, Natural Gas Liquids, and LNG. These products are sourced from local and international markets.

We have traded cargos in five trading hubs – Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Our edge is efficient operations professionalism, integrity, and risk management.

Our teams take the time to study the local and international market to understand current market forces by engaging international players and local partners. We then analyse the information with our experience and develop practical trading models tailored to the market and our partners, thus, improving our operational efficiency and ensuring a risk-managed approach to our trades.

Our Risk Management Trading Approach

At Bono Group, we adopt a risk management strategy for all our trading activities. We have a dedicated and independent middle office team that functions as the backbone of our risk management program. Our risk analyst provides daily reports and market intelligence to our management and trading teams, ensuring we make well-informed decisions.


As bulk traders, we reach our product end-users through our retailers. The retailers take delivery of products either through vessels or trucks and in-turn sell to end-users. Our distribution channel’s edge is in its competitive pricing and prompt scheduling.

Distribution, like other Bono Energy’s services, is marked by excellence.

Logistics Support

Our logistics support is a smart solution that transports our customer’s products from our facilities to theirs. By doing this, we help maximize the efficiency of our client’s supply chain. We also offer vessel transportation services to partners who require such services.

Bono Energy has access to a global network of vessels of varying sizes, ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 Metric Tonne capacity. We also have access to Oil and Chemical Tankers, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels, Work Boats, Crew Boats, and Barges, through relationships we have developed and maintained over the years. We have a strategic alliance with One Ship Brokers BV, Netherlands, one of the leading international vessel brokers, and we also have access to vessel owners globally.

With over one decade of experience, we guarantee safe storage of products for local and international clients at a competitive price.


We are keen on becoming Africa’s leading energy trading company, to constantly generate value for our clients through relationship building, great local knowledge, quick response time, and going the extra mile.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Ethical Practice
  • Team Work
  • Focus
  • Accountability
  • Corporate Governance & Risk Management
  • Determination